Child Rights Resource Center

On the 2nd of February 2017, a Child Rights Resource Center (CRRC), a collaboration between Ahfad University and Save the Children, opened within Ahfad University for Women campus. The Center will be responsible for managing an effective Child Rights Situation Assessment and learning, and will be used as resource for conducted academic, applied and operational research on various issues confronting children for ensuring lasting improvements in the lives of children in Sudan and beyond. The CRRC will lead on creating a body of knowledge around the rights and needs of children that can be useful to all stakeholders working for the betterment of children in Sudan. The role of the center will include conducting trainings and research on child rights concern; leading and participating in advocacy campaigns, studies, and impact evaluations related to welfare of children in Sudan; and providing support/resource to students, academia and other stakeholders interested in working for realization of rights of children in Sudan. Using strengths of the two institutions to mutually benefit, empower and strengthen the individual organizations in order to improve research, training and contribute to the work aimed at improving the welfare of children in Sudan.

For more information regarding the CRRC, please contact Manager Roaa Mohamed Ali Hamsis on